Our Story

Derive or Dérive [de.ʁiv], "drift" (French), means a spontaneous and unplanned journey where travellers leave their lives behind and are guided by landscapes and architectures.

This could describe life in general or a small journey, we hope when you’re wandering through a new place, you just happen to wander on a path that takes you to greater discoveries. So whenever you derive from life, you derive greater.

Our Mission
We aim to develop products that most of the commercial brands are not willing to develop due to margin concern for light travelers and minimalist in the most cost-effective way.

Product Launch and Successful Stories

We launch and promote our products via various crowdfunding platforms.

Funded over $500,000 across 89 countries

ALLE: Leather Organising Book-strap

Our 2nd project and shipping soon.

Being a creator and digital nomad, mobile working has been our daily norm. We believe more people could relate to that these days. Sometime we just want to chill at the cafe, or a quick meet up with the team for discussion with minimal items and working tools (Where it is too little to carry a bag for, yet too much to hold them bare hand.

Hence we created ALLE.

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Multi-Function Graphene Heating Performance Jacket

Our first crowdfunding project, Multi-Function Graphene Heating Performance Jacket is launched and successfully funded on Kickstarter. Upsold in other crowdfunding platform - Indiegogo, Makuake, ZecZec.

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